4 Benefits you get when you decide to TRAIN with us
4 benefits you get when you decide to train with us

1: We'll Pay You To Train

Because we know you will love our training why not share your experience with others and earn money in the process!

2: Support When You Need It

We are only a phone call, email or Skype call away to assist you in anyway that we can.

3: Online Members Area

Providing course material, updates, blogs and more to compliment your training.

4: Intelligent Tracking

We automatically keep track of your course renewal dates.  That's one less thing to worry about!
YeS! I'm ready to start training today?


From Emergency First Aid, First Aid at Work, Paediatric First Aid, CPR & AED Training to refresher courses we've got all the first aid courses you'll ever need.
We're also cheaper than national training providers.


Learn how to free up your time and save money by resolving conflict effectively in just 6 hours.


Safer handling is always used as a last resort but we'll show you techniques suitable for your service users so that you don't become vicariously liable.


Learn the skills to be able to protect yourself and your loved ones.  We will teach you self-defence techniques as well as give you the opportunity to gain accredited qualifications in coaching.


Give yourself the gift of learning simple, fast and effective techniques as we believe you should have the confidence to be able to look after yourself.


Learn from the comfort of your own home.  So whether you're interested in self-defence, conflict resolution then book yourself onto a live course today.
YeS! I'm ready to start training today?
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Who Are we?

Hi, we're Phil & Lynne Newton, the proud owners of IJJA Training Solutions.  We wanted to ask you a question:  Have you ever spent countless days away from your family doing training at a time that wasn't convenient?

Frustrating isn't it?  Half the time you have to travel for hours & most of the time time its for a course that doesn't benefit you.  To make things worse, when you finally turn up, you walk into the room to think "Great! Yet another death by powerpoint presentation!"  

You've been there, right?

Well Not Anymore!

Do You Have A Meeting Room?

Awesome, then as long as its large enough we'll come to you.  If you haven't don't worry we'll find somewhere close by and deliver it there instead.

Interactive Delivery

On our courses, you won't be keeping yourself awake by countless cups of coffee!  That's because we actively encourage you to get involved and will tailor the courses to your needs.

Say Goodbye to Note Taking!

Yes you heard us.  We will supply all the course notes electronically to you plus any updates so on the day you can sit back and enjoy yourself.

We've Got Your Back

Once you've done one of our amazing courses we will frequently keep in touch with you so if you need refresher training, help and advice, we're here for you for as long as you need us!
our commitment to you...
our commitment to you...
Let me guess you've training with other providers who:
  • Haven't got the time to answer your questions when they have a website!
  • They can't wait to see the back of you after your training.
  • They only have open courses and dates to suit them & not you.
  • The trainer has a certificate framed on there wall which must make them qualified, right?
...We're Proud To Be Different!
...We're Different!
  • We Answer Every Question - If you ring or email us we'll always promise to get back to you even if we have to make the calls to find the answers.
  • Before, During & After Training Service - Whatever you need, you've got it.  We'll work with you to deliver professional, fun training that can make you as an individual excel.
  • Training At A Time To Suit You - If you want training delivered at a night or at a weekend so the training doesn't interrupt your business, you've got it.  Or if you've got a couple of people that want to hop onto an open course, you can do that as well.
  • Legally Defensible Training - Yeah, sure we have certificates, but we also have the years of knowledge and experience to ensure the training you receive is legally defensible.  
We're so committed to providing use with the highest quality of service and training that whether you're doing first aid, conflict management, physical intervention, jiu-jitsu or self-defence training with us, we're giving you a 100% money-back guarantee.

We value you not as a client or customer, but as family and as will look after you such, just without the arguments!
Here's what our partners say!
"I was impressed with the Paediatric First Aid training you provided for our staff.  The advice you gave has been invaluable to our parents.  The trainer was superb and I'll definetely be using your services again."
Jackie Drake, Headteacher Bram Longstaffe Day Nursery
"I've been training for 5 years now and every single session is outstanding. The Instructors at the IJJA are amazing and the Association itself is incredible. I'm extremely proud to train there and I would highly recommend joining!:)"
Jordan Diamond, Jiu-Jitsu Student
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