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Self-Defence Classes & Courses

The IJJA's Self-Defence classes and courses put you in control. With fast, simple and effective techniques we will show you how to protect yourself. Not only this but we also teach you the legal rights to self-defence. What other organisations offer you this?



Make Money in Your Sleep

Have you ever wante to make money in your sleep? Then attend one of our 1 day courses. Aimed at small businesses, we will teach you how to automate some of your processes and ultimately helping to boost sales and increase your presence on the web.



Positive Behavioural Support

Our PBS packages cover everything from curricular support for KS3/4 students to helping staff (in different sectors) maintain positive relationships with their clients through conflict management, breakaway and physical intervention skills training.


familyFrom Our Family to Yours

IJJA Training Solutions is a family run business owned by Phil Newton and Lynne Myerscough-Newton with Drake and Miya keeping us both on our toes. With Lynne's background in teaching and Phil's in martial arts and IT, we make a formidable force.

We believe in helping you to achieve and exceed your goals. We do this by providing a personal, friendly service whether it be to our Jiu-Jitsu students, school students, or our business colleagues. We love working hard to provide our family with a better quality of life and this is extended to you, our other family.


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