1 in 5 Women are Victims of Sexual Violence



1 in 5 women are victims of sexual violence

Shouting, crying, swearing, laughing, discussing the weather or sitting calmly all are perfectly normal reactions experienced by victims in the immediate aftermath of sexual assault, then the the hard work of rebuilding of your life starts and this can take several years.  Looking at the national statistics for sexual offences more victims are suffering than you would have imagined

Whether it involves unwanted touching, indecent exposure or rape. 473,000 adult victims have reported sexual offences being committed against them in the past year, according to national figures released recently.

The study shows that of the 473,000 victims 4000,000 are women aged between 16-59.  These figures are concerning however, look deeper into these statics and they becoming truly alarming.

69,000 females and 9000 makes are the victims of rape while only 1070 people were convicted of the crime.

These figures remain estimates and many sexual offences go unreported, people feel they cannot contact the police due to embarrassment, many don’t feel the police can or will help, it wasn’t worth reporting or it was a family matter

The fact remains that in 90% of the cases the victim knows the perpetrator and the system in place in today’s society do not sufficiently protect the victim of sexual crime.  The victims feel neglected by the system and receive ‘shocking treatment’ according to campaigners such as “Women Against Rape’

Victims of sexual offences feel disempowered and long after the assault is over they relive, blame and punish themselves often suffering in silence.

Stop Sexual violence before it affects your life.  Don’t allow this to continue. Protect your family and loved ones and more importantly ACT NOW

Self defence makes a difference. Sign up now.  Take action, don’t wait!

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