10 First Aid Essentials for your holiday

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10 First Aid Essentials for your holiday

We’ve all been waiting an eternity, but it’s finally here, let the summer holidays begin!!

Sun, sea, sand is what we want to remember, so don’t let first aid emergencies get in the way of making memories!

Here is our essential guide to holidaying like a pro!

10 First Aid Essentials for your holiday

Before you jet away …

Make sure you are fully prepared for your journey!   Check out the latest government information and specific advice on requirements for specific countries.  This will include information on immunisations that you need and any items you will to take with you.

If you have any health concerns, make sure you get to your GP to ask about medications you will need to take with you in your travel first aid kit.

Prescription Medication.

Make sure you have enough to cover your whole holiday plus a few extra  incase of delays.

Where possible, try and keep medications in the original packaging, this will save you time and delays when going through airport security.  If you need to ask the pharmacist for small bottles but make sure they have tamper proof lids, just in case children start messing!

It is also wise to have a list of the medications you take. In the event of an emergency this can be given to medical staff so, they have a clear picture of the situation.

Digestive upset.

A new country, different food and water can quickly lead to upset tummies, a sure way to spoil your holiday.  Stock up on antacids for indigestion and heartburn, diarrhea medication, and rehydration remedies.

Sun Screen.

Let’s face it sunburn is miserable and potentially very serious, so, don’t assume you will be ok.  Make sure that the sun screen you have is at least SPF15 with at least 4 star UVA protection.  For more information including travelling with children, check out NHS website

Although now strictly part of your first aid kit, it’s worth mentioning the importance of sun glasses and a wide brimmed hat for extra protection

Pain Killers

Minor aches and pains can be treated easily with over-the-counter painkillers. Paracetamol and ibuprofen are both suitable, but beware of packing codeine-based tablets as these are illegal in some countries. You may find generic products are cheaper than branded medication, but they work equally as well—just check the labeling to see that the active ingredients are the same.


Minor cuts and abrasions may need covering with a dressing until they heal. Especially in tropical climates, a small graze or cut can become infected very quickly, so pack your plasters, along with sterile dressings or gauze and some small bandages. Micropore tape is great for getting dressings to stay put but you might need scissors to cut it.

Antiseptic wipes

Make sure any wounds are given a good clean, to avoid them getting infected.  If you are concerned about a wound then seek medical advice quickly.


There are all kind of things that can trigger allergies so, don’t assume that your allergies will be ok. Pack some  antihistamine medications to tame a bad internal or external (skin) reaction in your travel first aid kit.  A word of caution, some medications can cause drowsiness, which is something to bear in mind if you’ll be driving or planning to sample the local spirits.

Insect repellent

At best mosquitos at a pain, at worst they can carry disease such as dengue fever, West Nile, Zika, or malaria.  So, as well as Deet based insect repellents, make sure you have anti-malarial medication (if needed).  For more information check out Fitfor travel  

Water purification tablets

If you are venturing off the beaten path, then don’t forget water is not always safe.  Grab your purification tablets so you can stay hydrated.

Enjoy your summer holiday!!


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