Be Bold For Change

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Be Bold For Change

Does it seem like every time your turn on the news or open a newspaper there are more reports of violence?

Women and children are feeling vulnerable and they are made to feel weak by the very thing that seeks to protect them. Society!

Society wants women to believe they are the weaker gender and we have bought into this ideal.  Men are stronger, they can hurt you, be careful.



Women are not the weaker gender.  We are just different!

Why does society insist on competing. We should exist to compliment each other and not be faster, bigger, stronger!

Be Bold For Change: Campaign against Violence!

Whatever you believe about yourself.  If you are strong, weak, shy, independent.  There are always ways to protect yourself from attack and they don’t start with physical fighting techniques.


  • Step 1: Step back! (Do I need to fight? …NO)

Take a look at what is going on around you.  Some times a person may approach for a completely innocent reason … maybe they just need directions or to know what time it is.


  • Step 2: Assess the threat (Do I need to fight? …NO)

Is this a person you know and trust?  Do they look like they are under the influence of something.  At this point if you are worried leave the area


  • Step 3: Find help (Do I need to fight? …NO)

Be around people.


  • Step 4: Evaluate your options (Do I need to fight? … NO)

Are you really looking at someone who means you harm?

Check your own behaviour because it can affect someone else


  • Step 5: Respond to the situation! Do I need to fight? …NO)

Make sure you are assertive!.  Turn and face the person, ask them a question in a strong, loud voice.  Can I help you?  Are you lost?

Get strong direct eye contact, stand straight and tall.  You are telling the person you are not a victim, think twice before you make another move.

As, you can see there are 5 things to go through before we resort to using physical self defence so you don’t necessarily need to fight.

We teach a few simple techniques that don’t require strength and in fact we teach 4 years olds these same strategies, but if you want more information on avoiding conflict altogether then sign up to receive your free insanely practical tips

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