First Aid: More than a certificate on the wall

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First Aid: More Than Just A Certificate On The Wall!

We all know that First Aid is a HSE requirement.  Every 3 years you are sent off to do your mandatory training.  You come back from training, hang your certificate on the wall, put your handbook on the shelf  and you make a special effort to sort out the first aid kit …  moan because there aren’t enough plasters, then promptly forget about it for the next 3 years.

Sound familiar???

The truth is we rarely need to put our skills to the test, beyond the odd cut or sprain.




What if a colleague collapses? or

What if you see a child choking in a restaurant? or

What if right in front of your eyes, a road traffic accident happens? or


What if it was your Child, Significant Other, Parent, Uncle, Grandma … the list goes on and on


I was talking to my son and casually asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up.  His answer floored me.  He wanted to be a super hero. I dug further into this ambition he told me.  He wanted to be a super hero “cause super hero’s help people who need it and make sure they are safe” What an ambition to have!!

Could you be a superhero to?

Do you have what it takes to save a life?


You see, First Aid isn’t a mandatory course you repeat every 3 years, it isn’t just a certificate!  It’s about helping people in their hour of need,  it’s about being there for someone who’s injured, in pain and maybe even scared and making sure they are safe.


Could you be that friendly face that eases and reassures someone in need of help?


At IJJA Training Solutions we want to create super heroes!  For us First Aid is more than just a brief course and a certificate on the wall.  We are always on call to help and support you on your journey.  I guess you could call us your side kick!


You also have access to our ‘Online Vault’ of videos and information which we have designed to keep you up to date with the latest techniques.  So, refresh and brush up on your knowledge because every super hero needs to keep practising their skills.


All this alongside, training when and where you choose and us tracking your renewal dates.  Working alongside IJJA Training Solutions really can make you a superhero.

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