Creating a Great Video Testimonial

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We realise that asking you to do a quick 30 sec video testimonial may be a bit of a tall order, so, we’ve produced this short guide to help you become a video professional!

Think carefully about what you want to say.  We suggest you spilt your testimonial into 3 sections (about 10 secs each)

Humanising—this makes you a real live person with whom people can identify and relate.

  1. Name (first and last)
  2. Where you live (city and state)
  3. Tell us about your background and what you do

Tell us about your training 

What training did you do? Why did you choose us? How did it benefit you?


What can you do now that you struggled with before? Think about …

  1. Is it easy?
  2. Does it work?
  3. Can I, do it?

So, if your testimonial answers these 3 things, it’s perfect.

If you are still struggling.

Follow this simple script for Creating a Great Video Testimonial

Hi, I’m {insert name} and I’m the {position} at {company}. 

We specialise in {give your best elevator pitch!}.

We’ve used IJJA Training Solutions for {state the products or services purchased}.  They solved a few problems for us, including {state the problems we solved for you}. 

I’d highly recommend IJJA Training Solutions to anyone looking to achieve similar results.

Tips and Requirements for Creating a Great Video Testimonial 

  1. You don’t need fancy equipment. Your smart phone takes great movies
  2. Be real. Don’t act. Speak to the camera like it’s your best friend. Donʼt try to sell anything. Just tell your story and use examples.
  3. Take your time. Donʼt worry about being perfect. Nobody is expecting you to be a movie star. REAL people make mistakes. Actors donʼt. Real people donʼt believe actors. We live in a cynical society.
  4. Try not to read a script.
  5. Keep it short 30 to 60 sec is great.
  6. Donʼt shoot your video with a light or window behind you. Face the light or all the viewer will see is a silhouette.
  7. Shoot your video in a quiet room, free of pets, kids, phones and traffic.

That’ a wrap!!

Once you are done email your video to


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