Self Defence: Do I Need To Fight?

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I was teaching a self defence class last week, we were in full flow looking at the vulnerable places to hit someone and I noticed a young women who was watching.  I asked her if she wanted to join in, she shuck her head and I left it at that.

The end of the session came around and she was still waiting around.  I took the opportunity to speak to her one to one.  I asked her why she had sat and watched when she was welcome to join in.  Her rely startled me

‘I learned so much from just watching but I don’t think I could ever actually hurt someone!’

This got me thinking about the stages we go through when using self defence and do we really need to fight at all?

The answer is fighting is the very last thing we do.  In fact there are 5 stages we go through before fighting back is necessary


  • Step 1: Step back! (Do I need to fight? …NO)

Take a look at what is going on around you.  Some times a person may approach for a completely innocent reason … maybe they just need directions or to know what time it is.


  • Step 2: Assess the threat (Do I need to fight? …NO)

Is this a person you know and trust?  Do they look like they are under the influence of something.  At this point if you are worried leave the area


  • Step 3: Find help (Do I need to fight? …NO)

Be around people.


  • Step 4: Evaluate your options (Do I need to fight? … NO)

Are you really looking at someone who means you harm?

Check your own behaviour because it can affect someone else


  • Step 5: Respond to the situation! Do I need to fight? …NO)

Make sure you are assertive!.  Turn and face the person, ask them a question in a strong, loud voice.  Can I help you?  Are you lost?

Get strong direct eye contact, stand straight and tall.  You are telling the person you are not a victim, think twice before you make another move.

As, you can see there are 5 things to go through before we resort to using physical self defence so you don’t necessarily need to fight.

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