First Aid Isn’t A Priority

First Aid isn’t a priority at the moment”

We are surprised how often we hear this statement from companies.

We get it! 

“We are in the business of … and we just don’t have the time, money, resources to look at First Aiders at the moment.’

You need to ask yourself this question:

Can you afford not to have adequate first aid cover?

  • A plastic manufacturer in Rochdale were fined 140K after a worker was crushed, they didn’t have a first aider on duty at the time.
  • A logistics firm paid over 100k in fines after it was found they delayed medical treatment for a forklift driver who had broken his neck.
  • A company director was jailed for 8 months after a young worker who received serious burns was not offered first aid or sent to A&E.
  • A small café was fine 6K for inadequate first aid cover following a chemical burn to the eyes of an employee.


How could workplace injuries affect your Business?


Injuries can lead to the affected person being unable to remain at work.  This could  be for just one day or indefinitely. This will have knock on effects on your business.

Costs – fines and imprisonment.

A breach of duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA) could lead to an unlimited fine, imprisonment or both.


The courts can issue a compensation order for any personal injury, loss or damage resulting from the offence. The amount of compensation is unlimited  within the Crown Court.

Legal Costs

Legal costs will also be adding up during any investigation of an incident and court proceedings.


Publicity Orders can be enforced in corporate manslaughter cases. This requires an organisation to publish details of the offence and sentence.
There are many other issues which will impact on productivity and profit within a business that has breached the HSWA.

You must ensure that you have in place:

First Aid Provision

Following an incident there should be trained first aiders available to assess and treat the affected person. First aid can improve the outcome of an incident by minimising the short term and long term effects, and can also be the difference between an injury and a fatality.

If you don’t have the correct level of first aid provision, then your business is potentially going to incur much bigger fines and sanctions.

Don’t look at the cost of first aid equipment and training as a drain on your resources.  You must see it as an investment. It will provide better care for employees and the costs of providing the correct first aid provision are much lower than the potential costs of a serious injury occurring and all the repercussions that will follow.

For more information on First Aid or to book on a course, click here.

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