How to smash your 2017 Resolutions

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How Are Your 2017 Resolutions Going?

Here are our suggestions on how to smash your 2017 resolutions

Today saw my tribe venture to the Super Market for the first shop of 2017.  We joined the hordes of people in joyful contemplation of the veggie aisle, seriously, I’m estimating that 80% of the population will be munching on a stir fry tonight as people load up on veggies, a wok and various types of noodles.

It struck me that while everyone has vowed to be more healthy in 2017, what will people be eating in a weeks time

Lets get real

The first few days of the new year always sees the usual resolutions to get fit and healthy.  I wonder how many people will be flocking to the gym and dusting off their trainers.  Dreaming about melting away those extra calories they put on over the Christmas festivities. Or more precisely all the extra calories since they made last years resolution to get fit and healthy.  Lets face it we love to recycle the same old resolutions over and over and over … You get the picture.


Unfortunately, despite our very best intentions the enthusiasm and stamina that seems to kick off the new year, runs dry just a few short weeks (or days) later and in fact only 8% of people who set 2017 new year’s resolutions , actually smash them.


Why do so many people abandon their health and fitness goals and what are the secrets to those who do succeed?

How to smash your 2017 resolutions: The mind-body connection

Getting fit and being healthy is about more than just working out.  I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but that Mars Bar you just had to have will cost you 25 mins moderate swimming in the pool and the Big Mac you scoffed down when you didn’t have time for lunch will cost you 140 mins of brisk walking.

What I’m trying to show you is that you will not get into shape by exercise alone, you also need to take care of your mental and emotional health.   Simply put: how we feel about ourselves is often more important than how we look.

If you are tired of feeling tired, fed up with living with chronic conditions that impact your daily living and your ready to make holistic changes that will impact your physical, emotional, and mental health.  Then let exercise, health and fitness be your prescription

 A different way of looking at resolutions

How to smash your 2017 resolutions: Motivation to change

Let’s face it, change is scary. And getting motivated to change will only happen when the benefits far outweigh any sense of security that comes with staying the same. So once you have decided to make a change, it’s important to not do too much too quickly.  You will never be able to sustain going to the gym every single day and in fact this is the surest way to breaking your resolution within a week!

If you are taking on a huge challenge, then break it up into smaller bite sized achievable chunks.  Achieving these mini goals with bolster your confidence along the way.  Rather then aiming to run a marathon next week, start with smaller goals i.e run half a mile (or for me run to the next lamp post)

How to smash your 2017 resolutions: Change your focus

If your resolutions focus on losing or quitting then I’m sorry to say you are destined for failure!  As soon as you tell your brain that you can’t have something, then your brain will go all out to make sure sure you see it everywhere!  So when I say I will quit eating chocolate guess what your brain will crave and see everywhere!

Top Tip: focus on what you want to gain. Maybe it’s the confidence gained when you cross the finish line after training for your first 5k, half marathon, or marathon. Or it might be the sense of calmness and clarity gained by increasing the connection between your mind and body.  Give yourself a fighting chance and look at your goals from a position of strength and positivity, this will help you make lasting change.

How to smash your 2017 resolutions: Accept that things might get worse before they get better

You have been dieting for a whole week, denying the urge to eat the chocolate cake you know is waiting in the fridge.  You are braced for your weigh in, confident that you must have lost at least 5 lbs only to find to your horror that you have put 3 lbs on.  How in the world has that happened?  At this point you cave and grab the chocolate cake, a bottle of soda, and all the other naughty stuff you can find in the cupboard.  Sound familiar?

The message is don’t give up, getting fit and healthy isn’t a straight road,  it is full of twists and turns, ups and downs.  Focus on the end result and not the bumps in the road. Your hard work will pay off, as you begin to feel stronger and more confident about the direction you’re going.

 How to smash your 2017 resolutions: Make time for change to happen

Sometimes working out is the easy part. It’s setting aside the time so you will actually show up, that most of us struggle with. We all start the new year with a zealous outlook and even tell ourselves that “this year will be different.”

And then life gets in the way. We buy the magazines, sign-up for the 30-day challenge, and commit to a healthy lifestyle. But what you really need to be asking yourself is: do you want to make time? Do you have the desire to say “no” to the things that will interfere with your health? And are you ready to be honest with yourself about where you’re at and where you want to go?

How to smash your 2017 resolutions: Accept that failure will happen

Growth cannot happen without failure. We are all going to face setbacks, but what determines if we will grow from them is how we deal with those setbacks. What do you do when you fall off the wagon?


Forgive yourself: It’s ok to make mistakes

Recommit to why you are doing this:

Block out some time

Get going again!

We are here to help you get on the right track.  Don’t forget to grab your free month of jiu-jitsu training with the IJJA

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