Kids to Learn First Aid? MPs: No IJJA: Yes

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I’m not sure if you heard about this last week, but MPs blocked a bill to make learning first aid part of the national curriculum compulsory. They did by talking non-stop for the time allocated until they couldn’t vote on the subject and therefore it has been shelved.

Philip Davies MP talked for 50 minutes! (you can see the article printed by The Independent here) Considering he earns just from his MP salary a minimum of £74,000 a year that is approx £130 of tax payers money wasted right there.

In these 50 minutes how many children could have been taught that you can ring 112 as well as 999 to call the emergency services or in 50 minutes learn how to do CPR?

For £130 a day, IJJA Training Solutions delivers emergency first aid to children covering primary and secondary surveys, recovery position, CPR, choking, treatment for shock, epilepsy and minors cuts and bleeding.
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If you know your child and your school could benefit from our Emergency First Aid workshop then why not get in touch. It will only take 30 seconds to fill out the form, thats 30 seconds that could save a life!


You don’t have to be a genius to figure out which is better value for money! We got ourselves heard on BBC Radio Cumbria last Friday (20th Nov) as they carried on the debate.

Rather than teach children how to sit an exam, lets teach them life-saving skills! I sincerely hope that nothing should happen to Mr Davies that puts his health at risk, but if it did would his sons or the constituents of Shipley know what to do?

Having delivered First Aid training to numerous school children over the past couple of months, we need our children to become skilful, creative members of society and they can only become this by gaining the critical skills to succeed in life.

So rather than line the pockets of our MPs who clearly aren’t working for their constituents, lets pile money into the education system and the NHS and lets start looking after our own citizens for once.

Remember, we delivery accredited First Aid Courses to employers and employers on-site and at a time to suit you. For more information on our courses, click here.


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