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The Actions Of Your Staff Could Make You Vicariously Liable
So Give Them Legally Defensible Training In Positive Restraint
Safer Handling should always be a last resort so IJJA Training Solutions
will teach your staff:
  • Conflict Management: Our products are delivered immediately
  • Breakaway Training: Explain the benefit of your products
  •  Safer Handling: Change the icons in the settings
This will give you & your staff the full skills and competencies to comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act (1974).
Learn legally defensible techniques to safeguard your staff and service users
do we need restraint training?

Hi, my name's Phil Newton, your restraint instructor and to answer the question "Do you need restraint training?" will depend on your risk assessment.

If you deal with service users such as children or patients then the chances are at some point you may have someone who lashes out.  If your staff just stand and watch because you have zero touch policy or don't know how to react then you could be found to be vicariously liable (i.e. responsible for their actions).

Our restraint training teaches your staff positive ways in which to safely handle someone.  However this is always used as a last resort.  Prior to this we teach you how to deal with conflict and how to use breakaway techniques because if you can resolve conflict effectively then there is never a need for a person to grab hold of you and therefore you won't have to restrain someone for the health, safety and welfare of everyone concerned.

I undergo my training every year to ensure that what we are teaching you is not only up-to-date but also legally defensible.  So click on the link below and complete your details and I will call you back so that we arrange training specific to your needs.

What You Need to know
How Does Your Course Benefit Me & My Staff?
You have spent years building up your reputation and what you don't want is for someone to ruin this.  Our Positive Behavioural Support Training will not only keep your reputation intact, but you will spend less time dealing with grievances and more time on driving your business forwards.
How Many Days Is The Training?
This course is 18 hours long or 3 days.  On day 1 we cover conflict resolution training.  Day 2 we will teach you how to use your training from day 1 using scenarios along with breakaway training incase things escalate.  On the final day you will learn safer handling (restraint) techniques which learning how to maintain the positive relationships with your service users.
I've Done Something Similar In The Past & I Can't Remember What I Was Shown?
It's not a problem!  Upon completion of the course you will get a FREE eBook of all the course content including all the techniques.  If this wasn't enough you can also sign up to your FREE membership portal where will give you all the resources you need to stay skilled in what you have learnt.
Can We Just Do Breakaway Training?
If you're risk assessment doesn't identify the need for restraint training then we can teach you how to deal with conflict along with breakaway training.  However, remember that if a member of your staff was to grab a service user out of defence and in doing so the service user gets injured then you could be become vicariously liable.
Who Need To Do The Training?
Any member of staff that you have identified comes into regular contact with a service user who has the potential to become aggressive should be trained in breakaway and restraint training.
How Do I Know The Techniques Are Fit For Purpose?
In order to comply with the Health & Safety at Work Act (1974) you must provide your staff with suitable and sufficient training.  We will ensure that the techniques you are taught are suitable for your service users.  For example the way we teach a nursery teacher to handle a toddler would be different to handling an adult who suffers from a mental illness.
How Long Is My Certificate Valid For?
We certify your certificate for 3 year.  If you are participating in the breakaway and restraint training then we strongly recommend a refresher course every 12 months to ensure that your staff remain competent in their skills.

It's also essential to refresh to ensure that the techniques you are using are still appropriate for your setting.
How Else Can You Help?
Once you've completed the course we can work with you to ensure that you have all the relevant risk assessments in place as well as a Restraint Reduction Strategy as part of your health and safety policy.
why we're the right choice for you
  • Only Pay For What You Need - Unlike other training providers that charge in blocks of 12 we charge for the number of staff doing the course. You'll be shocked to realise how much you can save by partnering with us.
  • We Do The Due Diligence For You - When you decide to use us, we'll give you access to a dropbox containing the qualifications and risk assessments for your training. This makes sure that your training is legally defensible so that you can't be found to be vicariously liable if a member of staff was to act against their training.
  • We Give You The Extra Support - By using IJJA Training Solutions we provide the after-training service and support that most other training providers don't. We're always on the end of the phone or an email away to assist you further should the circumstance arise.
  • Let's Put A Package Together For You - By partnering with us, we can also sort out further training for you such as First Aid and other courses.  We are constantly growing our portfolio so why use multiple companies and be charged for the privilege when you could use one, IJJA Training Solutions?
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