Self Defence Builds Self Confidence


How Self Defence Builds Your Self Confidence

Self defence builds self confidence

Recently I met up with an old friend that I hadn’t seen for quite a while and as usual the conversation came around to what we where up to.  I listened patiently to an account of their life and what job they were doing.  It was really great to catch up but imagine my shock when I began to talk about my passion for teaching women self defence.  He swiftly responded with ‘well that’s great but why are you even bothering because its not as if a women can ever overpower a man!’  So I invited him along to train with me so he could see what a women can do but this got me thinking, what other skills can self defence give a women, how has my life changed since learning self defence?

The ability to defend myself against bullies and predators has boosted self confidence and self respect.  But with this knowledge also comes higher levels of self esteem and confidence which is incredibly empowering.  Not only does martial arts training increase physical strength but it also increases mental awareness. People who know how to protect their body carry themselves differently and are less likely to attract negative attention or run the risk of being bullied.

During self defence training you trust in the the ability you have to successfully deal with (and win!) a threatening or confrontational situation. If you train consistently you can make a dramatic impact on your level of self-confidence. This confidence easily spills over into other aspects of your life, making you more effective every day.

Self-esteem has two basic areas

  1. a basic confidence when facing life’s challenges
  2. a sense of self-worth and happiness.

When you are prepared to stand up for yourself, assert your rights as a human being, and even risk injuring another person to protect yourself you are declaring so much about your own importance and value as person. So in effect self-defence training develops the knowledge, skill, and willingness to resolve legitimate threats against our own personal safety.

Women build self-confidence when they learn how to defend themselves in realistic scenarios. They learn to transform fear into positive fighting energy and hence learn to deal with feelings of anger, inferiority, and helplessness. Smart self-defence training is intense enough to strengthen and tone muscles, burn up extra body fat, and generate positive hormonal response that drastically alter the way you feel about yourself. Self-defence plus self-discipline equals self-confidence and a confident person is a happy person.

So what about Children?

When children are unable to defend themselves they constantly feel intimidated or threatened, which makes learning at school or feeling comfortable in social situations extremely difficult.

Self defence / Martial arts  gives children the self-confidence to live their lives without fearing others. Good Instructors teach children that while their first inclination upon facing challenges is to surrender, it’s crucial to barrel through until they finish that task. If we teach children to overcome these obstacles we teach them perseverance and this self-discipline leads to a life of achievement.

Self-satisfaction grows into self-confidence and these children will grow into strong and happy adults with high levels of self-esteem.

Self-defense and martial arts courses are obviously a great way to build self-confidence levels. Not only do these exercises make your body physically more fit but they also train the mind to be more disciplined and aware of those around you. Knowing how to defend yourself against predators erases any fear of protection, liberating you from the shackles of insecurity, shyness, and dependence upon others. It’s a great way to teach goal setting to children, independence to women, and increase self-esteem in everyone who gives it a try.

Next time the ‘suckies’ hit, drop into a martial arts class and see what you learn: it could change your life.

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