Shining The Spotlight On Assault


Spotlight On Assault

Spotlight on Assault
Spotlight on Assault: Part of the ‘Fight Like A Girl’ Blog Series

I have been sexually assaulted!

It has happened to me,

but it isn’t who I am.

I will no longer keep this to myself!

Sharing my experiences of sexual assault has been a powerful healing tool for me.  I was expected to get over my past because when you stop talking about you must be healed .. right?

Wrong! …

By not sharing with other people everything has been kept bottled up on the inside and every so often it comes back to bite me  in the butt!

I vividly remember taking part in child safe guarding training at the school I worked.  We were looking at case studies of how teachers had mishandled victims of sexual assault.  That victim could have been me, every detail of this poor victim’s story resonated inside of me.  Child X quickly became Lynne Myerscough a 13-year-old victim in crisis whose world had turned upside down.

That’s when the tears came and I sobbed for hours and hours. 12 years of fear, repressed memories and self hatred all erupted out of me all in one go.  I was a mess red faced and full of tears and snot, with no idea on what to do with me life next. All attempts to repress the memories failed and I became that terrified child again!

Major, exponential change was needed

Out of the ashes of my life rose a warrior, fierce enough to stand my ground and face the past, and face it I did.  I broke my silence and began to talk about my experience and how it has affected and will affect the rest of my life.

I have vowed to use my knowledge to help others break free of the prison of silence that we sentence ourselves to.  Believe me it can be a life sentence.

But you must always remember, you have no control over what happens to you in these situations. Predators are looking for an easy mark, a victim, someone who won’t fightback and won’t talk.  They are experts at assessing body language and all the things the mark you as a victim.  So, what is the point in beating yourself up about it?

Find the warrior buried deep inside you because you DO have control of the direction your life will take from this point forward. Who do you want to be?

Victim? or Warrior?

I am proud of the person I have become, the assault has shaped my life and given me purpose.

So, I stand proud and say again and again


I have been sexually assaulted!

It has happened to me,

but it isn’t who I am.

I will no longer keep this to myself!

I channel the bad experiences into helping others, I make sure that victims do not stay silent, they have a voice, they need to be heard.

So if you have suffered violence or want to make sure it will never happen to you join our community and download your ‘3 insanely practical tips’ to staying safe

Self Defence Tips

Your journey starts now, do not put it off,

Take action now!

Thinking will not overcome fear but action will.

Clement Stone


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